For the love of couture

Recently I had the pleasure of working on a styled photo shoot featuring a stunning couture gown by VOUS.  The custom fit, luxurious fabric and extraordinary detail of the gown had me swooning. It also reminded me of how much we, in modern society, have lost touch with the power of dressing well! How many of us would raise our hands when posed the question, 'who has left the house in tracksuit pants, ugg boots, hoodies, wet hair and/or thongs?'. I imagine even the most die hard fashionista's in Australia would inevitably raise their hands! Has our more relaxed attitude towards dressing empowered us or has it in fact dis-empowered us? Is the age old adage true, do 'clothes make the man (or woman)'? I will explore this topic in further detail in the coming posts but in the meantime join me in swooning over the hand embellished leather, 1930's hand pressed metal mesh and swirling silk that makes up this stunning couture gown from VOUS.