In Bloom

It has been so wonderful experiencing all the colours, sounds, smells and feelings that only Spring can bring about! Although winters in Newcastle are short and mild there is still relief and excitement as the cold weather ends and the warm weather begins. The smell of jasmine and freesias in the air,  morning light filtering through the bedroom window, lazy days on the beach and weekends spent watching fluffy clouds drift along a bright blue sky. I recently designed, created and installed the Spring displays for The Emporium in Newcastle. The inspiration came from the notion that, in Spring, everything is 'In Bloom'. Flowers blossom and burst forth in a rainbow of colours, bees and butterflies circle them feverishly, the sky blooms in brilliant blue and the sun wraps everything in warmth. The following images depict the inspiration, creation and final result of The Emporium's Spring set up 'In Bloom'.