Against the grain – The rebels and renegades inspiring change

In today's fast paced climate media is king. We spend our time glued to devices counting Instagram likes and comparing ourselves to the carefully curated lives of strangers. We are told how to look, how to be, how to present ourselves to the world so we can be accepted, palatable, plausible, liked. But what if we are different? What if our lives are not the postcard perfect images that we see in our social media feed each day? What if we don't fit the mould the media has designed for us? What if we have a different story to tell? Can we be who we are, in out totality, in our uniqueness, in our imperfection and still be accepted, taken seriously, protected, embraced, raised up, loved? Against the Grain is a documentary concept created by Julie Grant, David Hector and Edwina Richards that explores the stories of women who are sharing messages of change through their creative practice.

Introducing our first three creatives - Zeycora, Janette Hoppe and Lurline Avangeline. Watch the film below to hear their inspiring messages of change.